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What is Compass?

Compass is Playa Vista’s innovative commuter website that helps make commuting better. 

You’ll save a ton of time, money, sanity and even the environment with our tailored (and free) programs and incentives. To see which exclusive offers you are eligible for, simply contact our team today. Afterwards be sure to check out our easy-to-use trip planner and matching system. Just put in your A to B, and see what routes match your schedule.

Playa Vista Daily Shuttle

Once you are at work, be sure to take advantage of the free Playa Vista Daily Shuttle that connects your office front door to shops, parks, dining and more (did we mention it’s free!?). Download the TransLoc app to track it in real time on your phone or desktop.

Bluff Creek Drive – Full Through Traffic

For several years, there has been much anticipation about the opening of Bluff Creek Drive to full through traffic, from Centinela Ave. to Lincoln Blvd. After months of working with the City of Los Angeles staff to conduct final inspections, Brookfield Residential anticipates that Bluff Creek Drive will be open to through traffic beginning early February 2020. This is an important milestone for the community, because once open, the City can schedule a “speed survey” required by California law to establish the speed limit for Bluff Creek Drive, and LAPD will be able to use radar enforcement on the street. It is anticipated that LADOT will conduct the speed survey within a few months after the roadway is completely open to the public. PVPAL and Brookfield are working with LAPD and LADOT to try to expedite that process and identify other measures to decrease speeds on Bluff Creek, such as the placement of interim speed limit signs, digital speed signs, and “rest on red” signal timing.